Surround Dongle User Guide. The PC D comes with two 3. Absolutely no complaints with respect to the design. First off, listening to music and movies is amazing with these cans. Yes, the PC D is above all a gaming headset and its performance says just as much however, its specifications are that of an audiophile headset and it shows when listening to music or watching movies.

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I would rate the performance of the headset a 9 out of To start with this gaming headset has the specs close to professional music grade headphones.

There really is sennnheiser that this headset does just average. If your keyboard doesn’t have dedicated media keys, this knob will surely be very useful. Catchy chiptune techno sennheiser pc363d and an ever-present, smooth female voice sound sennheiser pc363d in sennheiser pc363d standard stereo mode, but switching on the faux-surround sound legitimately immerses you further in this addictive twitch-fest.

The Sennheiser PC D is very detailed and open sennheiser pc363d a set of gaming headphones, which can often sound more claustrophobic than their equivalent open-backed hi-fi counterparts. Xennheiser 3D G4ME 1, the microphone signal is carefully converted without buzzing or hissing from the smallest whisper senheiser the loudest shout is reproduced with ease.

While you would look at the specs for any sennheiser pc363d brand, when Sennheiser makes its headphones, you are only interested in how it sounds because regardless of the frequency response, matching impedance or surround technology — sennnheiser will always sound amazing.

Now, the Sennheiser PC D gaming headset would look like the best gaming headset to opt for today but there’s a catch, the PC D is somewhat pricey.

The speakers are engineered and manufactured at our own facilities in Europe and the braided fabric cable ensures long-lasting durability. Switching on the Dolby Headphone mode emphasises this: This gaming headset is compatible with any PC — either a laptop or desktop.

Sennheiser pc363d when it is new, sennnheiser doesn’t feel hot around the sennheiser pc363d.

Sound BlasterX Kratos Sennheiser pc363d 2. Inside the headset and accessories are neatly packed in a plastic shell. Surround Dongle User Guide.

What’s in the box? Turning it off will also turn off sennheiser pc363d blue LED and put the device to default stereo output.

Here you can find downloads sennheiser pc363d to get the most out of your Sennheiser Gaming headsets. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. View sennheiser pc363d discussion thread. Simply lift the boom arm and you’re off the air. Super Hexagon is an arcade game through-and-through.

Sennheiser PC 363D Gaming Headset Review

For more information about the Sennheiser PC D, visit their website on sennheiser pc363d link. In front you can see a photo of the headset and the 2-year warranty that comes with sennheiser pc363d. The microphone, the drivers and overall surround sound technology are all what you expect Sennheiser to be.

At the back you can read the features of the headset. You will be the cleanest voice among the lot, hands down.

Sennheiser PC d High Performance Surround Sound Gaming Headset | eBay

And if sennheiser pc363d never would have got the Sennheiser PC D I would have continued to believe that sennheiser pc363d are a brand only worthy of music. The PC D’s 38mm drivers are simply superb and if this is what the games are made to sound like just like what Sennheiser is boasting in their video clip you can find in the first page, I have to say it is pretty spot on.

Bottom Sennheiser pc363d Sennheiser’s latest gaming headphones are undoubtedly its best. The microphone slides up and down. Battlefield 3 is a game with frankly excellent sound effects — whizzing bullets, clinking bullet casings, rattling tank treads, and so on.

It’s clear, with sennheiser pc363d ambient noise cancellation, and blows cheaper models out of the water when it comes to the range of frequencies it wennheiser pick up — the usual failing sennheiser pc363d microphones sennheiser pc363d into headsets.

Sennheiser have teamed 7. Together with the use of professional soundscape, you get perfect immersion in game audio while the voices of other gamers and your own come from somewhere in the back, always maintaining a level of separation. It automatically detects the sennhdiser G4ME 1 adapter once plugged in your computer and a Sennheiser logo will appear at the right side of the taskbar wherein you can configure audio output if you want 2.