If you’re recording to around dB which you should be and a good preamp, then you don’t need a cloud lifter generally. The analyzer has a logarithmic scale. I also have a SM7B and it works fine. Find More Posts by Wolffman. These values are computed not by the driver, but by the built-in hardware DSP. The RME web site publishes a list of recommended and inadvisable controllers. I never even have to think about it.

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If you’re recording to around dB which you should be and a good preamp, then you don’t need a cloud lifter generally.

RME Audio Fireface Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Also the FF is has ane xcellent build quality: Along with channel firwface for each output, you can adjust their levels. The converters are on the other hand terrific and that is in my opinion the most important thing and the reason I bought the unit in the first place.

The manufacturer explains that there are fundamental differences in the RME architecture and Firewire products from other manufacturers. There are no tonal distortions, a good detailing level. It’s clear to those who have experience in developing such software. We test the RME Fireface in loopback mode, so that we can compare its results with other devices.

Originally Posted by ReaMike. Immediate access to data and maximum speed of transferring sound buffers in small chunks are more important to sound devices than theoretical bandwidth. Single-stream audio recording with not many channels has got a second life with notebooks and their weak CPUs and hard drives.

I also have a SM7B and it works fine. RME have never said that a hardware mixer should be used to downmix compositions, but no one stops you. There are three lights near each figeface preamp; the first is a yellow LED which shows whether phantom power is active on each channel. Review this product Get the facts.

I using an original baby-face ovr usb on Sierra Mac and works fabulously. Fortunately, even such problems of the Audiofire 4 do not affect the resulting audio quality – jitter grows exponentially to frequency.

We’ve heard no problems of the Fireface with jitter. Subtraction of two signals gives very low uniform noise. You also have the TotalMix software so that you can rout everything just as you want to.

RME Fireface 400

RME Fireface – Still worth it in ? Then something went bang, and it became really expensive paperweight. The volume of compared signals must be absolutely identical. The line and instrument inputs on the front and back are also very clean. On the front you have a knob where you can control input and output levels.

Maybe that’s why the method I describe below seems to work best for me? RME is gireface company you can trust and rely on, and their products will not let you down.

Whether it’s a significant advantage depends on your tasks. Coming out of the box is where things start to see a few minor flaws. However, once you get used to it it’s fine. Perhaps, it’s not fireeface, but this device can still be improved. The only downside i can see is portability, you need a desktop pc so you can have a firewire card in the pcie slot, but if your just working at home or in studio who cares. Of course, these 8 channels are available simultaneously with the analog channels.

The Fireface is able to detect whenever and how many packets got lost. Send a private message to Jack Winter. Web research brings up innumerable numbers of hard drives and computers that were damaged when users connected interface cables. Show Printable Version Email this Page.