You can change the default setting for [Sort]. You cannot use the numeric keys to manually enter a destination. Cover Page Cover page Your machine can store a cover page and send it prior to each outgoing fax and Internet fax. Mail settings You can customize the mail settings to match your needs. Make repeated copies to help evaporate any internal moisture.

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Page Checking the mail sending history The transmission history mgx-1430 the last 50 Internet faxes and scan to e-mails can be displayed.

Sending Method, Scanning Contrast Scanning contrast Setting the scanning muratsc allows you to compensate for any excessive lightness or darkness, as the case may be, of the document pages you are sending. Page Enter the sending day and time.

Enter the department code using [ ] or the numeric keys and then press [Enter].

Set the document in the ADF. Select the shortcut you want to edit. Chapter Internet Fax functions Before sending Gently pull the jammed document. Page Enter the box name. Press [Address Book Entry], then [Delete].

Registering Or Editing A Folder Shortcut Registering or editing a folder shortcut Registering a folder shortcut You can create a folder shortcut on your machine. Registering or editing directly into the address book.

Muratec Mfx | Mfx :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Faxing Chapter Faxing Before sending After you load paper into the paper cassettes, you need to set the paper size on the control panel. Select the transaction you want to display. Your machine only remembers the day of the month that it is supposed to send a delayed transmission. Press [Enter] until address book appears. Checking The Mfx-11430 Print Queue Checking the copy print queue If a job is scanned while another job is printing, that job will be reserved in the copy print queue.

If you have multiple contacts registered, mmfx-1430 the [Page Up] and [Page Down] to toggle through the directory. All accessible networks will be displayed. The machine shows the function currently assigned to the soft key.

Page 70 – Muraatec a destination Page 71 – Alternative: Scanning Area Scanning area The scanned area is shown below.

Advanced copy functions The murtaec below lists the advanced functions that can be used in the Copy mode. When scanning is completed, set the next document on the document glass.

Murata Muratec MFX Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Before sending Document handling Before you begin please review the acceptable document sizes and proper setting methods on pages to Press [Reset] to cancel the settings. The duplex printing unit is required.

Editing the subject line and text message Set the document. If you want to register more shortcuts, repeat the procedures from step 5. The destination name, fax number and e-mail address can be registered into the address book. Printable Area Printable area The printable area is shown below.

Create a new outgoing message on your answering machine. Scan to e-mail Sending a mudatec by e-mail You can send a hardcopy document to an e-mail inbox.

Muratec MFX-1430 Black & White Copier

After the destinations have been entered, press [Location]. Time Display Displays the current date, time and amount of scan memory and Memory available.

Fax reception mode Select the reception mode that best matches the machine usage.