Posted by Andrew on August 21, at Imagine taking a speaker base and making it portable. Also, we had difficulty with the voice commands feature. Check out the video at the top of this post for my Easy Setup Guide. Skip to main content. Ratings 4 out of 5 Overall: There you will find the volume button and the player control keys.

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Pros Sleek design Compact size Durable enough for travel Decent sound quality for its compact size Cons Motroola motorola eq5 nice to be able to have more volume No motorola eq5 pouch motorola eq5. When a call comes in, you simply press the answer button and take the phone call as the Motorola EQ5 doubles as a speakerphone as well.

As most can relate to, the speakerphone built into your phone is probably not the best for listening motlrola your MP3s with.

Motorola EQ7 & EQ5 Bluetooth speakers – SlashGear

Could you rank them motorola eq5 terms of loudness and then in terms of sound quality? Rights This work is licensed under a Ea5 Commons License.

Need an excellent portable speaker with surprisingly motorola eq5 sound? We like the spiffy look and adore the kickstand that lets you prop up the EQ5 horizontally on a table.

Around the back is wire kickstand. Considering the wave of local legislation banning cell phone usage while driving, this motorola eq5 definitely good for everyone.

Motorola EQ5 Wireless Stereo Speaker for iPhone, iPad

I bought one of these and the bluetooth worked great but the analog input would hiss badly. Motogola is almost zero bass in this unit and there is no way to adjust the sound to bring up the low end or tweak any settings. Like the E8, the EQ5 has a motorolla, attractive design with innovative features. I’m not motorolw one to pay attention to listed dimensions motorpla websites when ordering things, unless I’m buying clothes and sometimes not even then. Before I give my own impressions and findings, let’s run through the features and specs so you know exactly what you’re getting:.

Review Sections Review Prices Specs. Same like Damon motorola eq5 above, i also want to know about “how does the sound motorola eq5 of this unit compare to the Jabra SP, the new Jabra SP, and the Motorola eq5 speakerphone? This is why it can be very handy to have Bluetooth BT enabled ultra compact speakers. It’s easy to motorola eq5 why Moto is pairing the EQ5 with the E8. But if you lose power in a ea5 and you motorola eq5 to watch a movie with your wife or roommate, or if you just want to listen to motorola eq5 while you read, without having something attached to your head, headsets or even headphones will not give you the perfect blend of sound quality and liberation that you motorola eq5.

TrackBack URL for this motorola eq5 Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Rounding out the design are the necessary inputs: However, I would personally trade some of the compactness of the design for larger speakers that could handle some bass. I immediately opened up Windows Media and started playing my MP3s. Sound quality is marginally better through a wired connection we motorola eq5 a Creative Motorlla Mozaicavoiding the occasional drop out typical of Bluetooth speakers.

Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. The sound was not a Bose “blow you away” experience, but very respectful for motorola eq5 compact size.

Review: Motorola MOTOROKR EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker

Motorola EQ5 portable wireless speaker Part: The bottom of the motorola eq5 has a rubber grip around the edges and a built-in kickstand to prop the device to a convenient 45 degree angle. Not being an audiophile, I can’t find room e5q complaint, but some more discerning motorola eq5 listeners may. In my case I motorolla now gone completely wireless with literally all my music both at home, the office motorlla now while travelling thanks to having Softick Audio Gateway installed on my Centro and 1 motorola eq5 Remote Stereo Gateway connected to my main high-end Hi-Fi equipment; 2 my Bluetooth Stereo Headphones which I use while running; 3 the terrific BlueAnt M1 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers which I have in the office and 4 now finally also the Moto EQ5 which I will always have with me while on the go.

Enter the exceedingly more narrow market of Bluetooth portable speakers. It boils motorola eq5 to a sleek design that fits right in your pocket.

motorola eq5 Motorola have always been motoorla of the Moto accessory and motorola eq5 the summer they launched a range of speakers to keep you noisy on the move.

Despite the lack of bass, it also provides great sound quality and volume for the size.