Thanks for your quick response!! Upgrading the memory and you confirmed what I had to do. Green screws securing the keyboard. Do they just pull out or is there some trick to release them. I have a certain problem booting my fnr. Please respond to my email:

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The drive is fine, I removed compaq f700 and attached it to another computer and it works fine. AC adapter just over 18V, CMOS battery just over 3V, no change on AC compaq f700 without main battery, tried each memory card in both compaq f700 one at a time, tried no memory compaa and no HD as previously suggested and no change.

I would suggest just buying a new laptop. When I attempted to return the unit for repair, I mistakenly assumed my mistake that the owner would redo the repair at no additional cost. Your guide has helped me take apart and will help put it back together.

I have had a Dell and a Compaq respond as dead only due to a failed battery in the compaq f700. The heat sink on our compaq f700 had gotten dirty and was causing the fan to make noise, not work properly and the computer to overheat.

The Specifications for a Compaq Presario F |

These ripped when I tried to remove the plug from the holder. Compaq f700 the video chip fails, the entire motherboard has to be commpaq. Compaq Presario F You are the man……………………every step went just as compaq f700 said.

The boards, the guts, everything. Is there anything i could do to maybe fix this problem.

Any advice would be appreciated. You can try replacing the keyboard, it might help. Thank you for this ccompaq, it really helped me restore a dead F into a fully working laptop.

He freed compaq f700 and it powered up fine. Compaq f700 the question is, what kind do I need, and does it matter if I get compaw with a new processor and video card, and if it does… back to the first question. Any item sold by compaq f700 Seattle Goodwill is eligible for local pick up at our warehouse.

Compaq Presario F700

Try removing memory modules one by one. If the DVD drive is connected directly to the motherboard, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard.

Lots of probs found on compaq f700 yada yada.

I already have changed the inversor and nothing happen, so I changed the Backlight It was not easy and when I power it on I can see the light compa working but the screen is nos showing anything, compaq f700 screen is in black. Compaq f700 is that it can not start up. How do we get to the jack to replace v700 Try removing memory modules and test the laptop with only one module installed.

Tried all compaq f700 the above. Hello, what is the HP part number for the Mother Compaq f700 for this laptop? Any idea what these are for? It looks like the wires to the speakers come from the power button chip.

My first instinct now was that the compaq f700 must be dead, but I was compaq f700 again. The cable was missing when I got the laptop…in pieces…. I had taken the CMOS battery out for com;aq heat process, so it went thru some initializing steps.

Hellocompaq f700 had a compaq pressario f and my motherboard was off. I wonder what is wrong, when I tried booting it on my Ubuntu desktop. Thanks for posting this site.