So I had a few questions. I usually use Lucasarts’ setup programs to “detect” the sound card. MPU for external midi worked perfectly with a midi daughterboard attached to the card. Is it a Vibra-based PnP model? Board index All times are UTC. And CMI in SBgames works properly always and its digital out works always too by live refreshing any signal to 16 bit 44 kHz.

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AmiSapphire and 1 guest. AmiSapphire and 1 guest. I find the audio out too weak. These are 5V TTL level, and need some form of simple converter to make them suitable for a 1V coax connection.

Cmedia (CMI) Cm driver – Cmedia (CMI) Sound Card Drivers – W95W31DOS_VZIP

Other than that, I have a new favorite DOS sound card. The gameport behaved a bit odd, as it would only allow the joystick to be used for windows applications. And CMI in SBgames works properly always and its digital out works always too by live refreshing any signal to 16 bit 44 kHz.

From the 1st page of this topic it has been pointed out that the CMI has problems with earlier games up to the 1st generation of SB16s, CT17xx. Chaos engine SB not detected in setupMortal Kombat not all speech seems to work?

Here’s the example for this card. It depends on the software which IO is used: There are all or almost all Sound Blaster clones.

Cmedia (CMI) Cm8330 Audio Driver

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. No memory use at all and it just worked. Your link above no longer works.

Now adjust your soundcard’s volume levels. Next to that there are some extra tools that are a nice bonus, such as a wav player and a recording tool.

Sound card C-Media CMI ISA driver installed correctly.

But the CT seemed OK. I mean like this: Note that some usb-audio devices do not have 8303 mixer controls. Board index All times are UTC. Therefore I use it only as second “SBcard” by way of its spdif in and spdif out channels.

DOS games now working properly on a slower system 3: I’m very interested in your 88330 testing, especially if there is a “hanging” note problem on the WB header.

It also provides access to the pcm plugins in alsa-lib. Kinda makes me think something is fishy about it Well, I just tried it. And I am aware of the working-but-bitch-to-fit daughterboard header as well. This explains how to build from source tarballs.

For drivers older than 0. Is it a Vibra-based PnP model? I did not try out the MPU The CT sounded good but again was let down by its wavetable header.

I need to dard it longer before I can give a final verdict. But the big question is I might still have it somewhere.